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What is JIBA?

JIBA is a Chamber of Commerce to encourage business relationship amongst our community members. To pool the resources and promote bilateral trade at local and international levels.

What are the Objectives of JIBA?

Some of the main objectives for which JIBA has been formed are :

  • To organize, promote, extend and otherwise support business related activities of its members at the local and international levels throughout the world.
  • To promote joint venture and in vestments in various parts of the world.
  • To foster better business understanding amongst its members by way of encouraging bilateral trade relationship amongst the members of JIBA chapter at regional and/or international levels.
  • To promote,, float and/or encourage establishment of group buying schemes for the benefit of its members.
  • To collect, evaluate and disseminate amongst its members information concerning trade, commerce or other matters of interest to them.
  • To assist, guide and provide services and/or facilities by providing synopsis and/or feasibility reports and informations related to existing business opportunities and giving all necessary support and cooperation required for establishment and/or procurement of such business(es).
  • To advise and assist members in establishing business(es) in any part of the country and the world in the light of the laws and regulations of the respective governments//countries.
  • To prompt, induce and encourage members to carry out trade with each other and patronize the professionals from the amongst JIBA members at local and international levels.
  • To provide guidelines to visiting businessmen and professionals.
  • To organize trade fairs and exhibitions.
  • To represent, express and give effect to views and opinions of JIBA chapters and their members engaged in trade, commerce, industry and professions on all matters affecting their interests at international, national, regional and/or local government levels.
  • To do all that is humanly possible to promote and/or boost the interest of its members.
  • To undertake in as far as possible, by arbitration, the settlement of disputes arising out of trading, commercial or industrial transactions as and when required by its members.
  • To advise/assist the formation of business in the form of sole proprietorship, partnership, private and/or public limited companies individually or by way of joint ventures without actively getting involved directly or indirectly or taking financial responsibility thereof.
  • To encourage friendly feeling amongst its members and to secure harmony in and uniformity of action of all members in dealing with problems and matters related to business, commerce, industry, profession and trade at local and/or international levels.
  • To secure co-ordinated efforts of the members in finding ways and means to improve business, commerce, industry, profession and trade of the members.
  • To mobilize individuals to pool their resource in the form of finance, know-how, expertise, contacts, etc. to prompt and encourage individuals to establish business(es) and/or industrial ventures on individual and/or collective basis.
  • To collect, compile and circulate statistics and other information related to business, commerce, industry, profession and trade to facilitate dealing with issues of vital importance connected thereto including publication of trade directories etc.
  • To organize workshops and seminars for the benefit of members.


JIBA has been able to provide platform at both local and international levels whereby businessmen, industrialists and professionals within our community get to know each other; get together; exchange views, ideas and information related to business, commerce, industry, profession and trade; pool their resources; and join hands with each other in marching forward in keeping with the objectives for which it has been formed.

Rapid developments are taking place all around the world and preparations are being made to enter into the twenty first century. The pace has to be kept with the past developments taking place and this cannot be possible if each and every individual works in isolation.

We can keep up pace with the time if we forge unity and move forward in an organized way as otherwise we shall remain behind panting.

It goes without saying that “united we stand, divided we fall”. The time has come for us to get together and meet challenges of the times.


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